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Meet the Founder

Ken K.  Ken King
Ken King, founder of  Auto Repair Experts is an A S E Certified Master Automobile Technician.  He has been serving the Lowcountry since 1986 including service as the lead technician at Lutton’s Automotive, Bob’s Phillips 66 Service Center, Harborview Exxon Service Center, Beachway Automotive, and ALL-PRO Automotive.  Ken and his wife Tracy recognized the need for an EXPERT level, service oriented auto shop in the Goose Creek area and thus formed  Auto Repair Experts back in 2004.  Kens philosophy is that proper care of a vehicle should allow the client to keep it longer, enjoy it more, and sell or trade it for more when the time comes for a change.  He also believes that caring about people is the only way to true success in business.